Study Help Essay Questions

1. Identify the three major turning points in Antonio’s life. Why are they turning points, and how is he changed from those points forward? 2. Cultural conflict is evident throughout most of the novel. Identify the different manifestations of cultural conflict and how they impinge on Antonio’s life. 3. In […]

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Rudolfo Anaya Biography

In 1952, Rudolfo’s family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Already a teenager, Rudolfo found the city exciting and adapted quickly. Barrio life in the Barelas section of the city swept him into the fold of the urban life of Chicano/as. In 1954, a swimming accident left Rudolfo temporarily paralyzed and […]

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Character Analysis Ultima

Ultima is a strong, confident woman who uses her knowledge and power to do good in the world. Her character combines elements of indigenous and European cultures (that is, paganism and Catholicism) into a coherent unity that provides an alternative to the Church and to the rational, scientific knowledge of […]

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